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Recovrd - Recycled Phone Cases

Get 20% off* your second phone case using code SECOND20. T&C apply.

Our Recovrd cases are great for your phone and the environment. We grind down used Tech21 phone cases, returns and excess material from our production process into pellets and injection mould them all into new phone cases made from recycled materials. Find out more about how we're making such a positive impact with our recycled phone cases.

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18 Products
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These new covers – which still offer microbe-reducing hygienic protection – are then tested using our tried-and-trusted methods. As well as cutting down on RMA and waste, our recycled iPhone cases help minimise our CO2 footprint.

At Tech21, we’re committed to thinking smarter and using more responsibly sourced materials across all of our phone cases. Have you seen our all-natural phone cases? Eco Art and Eco Slim are made from materials that leave no microplastics or chemical residue in the environment, while our latest cases contain an advanced additive that makes them decompose far quicker than any regular phone case – in a matter of years rather than centuries!


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